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The trade often refer to a Grabtruck as a muck-away service and that's because these trucks are ideal for soils and rubble from home improvements or ground work.

The prices and charts below should help you identify which kind of booking you need to make.

Approx. Skip
TonnesInert Waste*Mixed Waste*†
4 Wheel1 Skip9from £180.00from £260.00Capacity
6 Wheel2 Skip13.5from £200.00from £305.00Capacity
8 Wheel3 Skip18from £220.00from £325.00Capacity

Not sure what type of waste you've got?What sort of waste do I have? Check out our waste chart to see what sort of Grabtruck you'll require.

Also available, find out about our Skip hire rates.

Notes: Prices exclude VAT. 12 yard skips cannot contain mixed waste. It must be either Inert Materials (Soils, Rubble/Hardcore etc) or General Rubbish. *Area premiums may apply if over 15 miles from one of our depots. †These rates are per load, up to a weight of 2 tonnes thereafter charged at £84 +VAT per tonne.

Example only of our charging method, ring for our lowest rates!

Ready-Mix-Concrete Rate Schedule
Cu Mtr Rate per Cu Mtr (£) Ex Vat Time Allowance
0 - 1 140 (min charge) 30 mins
1.5 115-125 30 mins
2 - 2.5 100-120 30 mins
3 - 3.5 85-105 30 mins
4 - 4.5 80-100 45 mins
5 - 5.5 75-95 45 mins
6 - 8 70-90 1 hr
8.5 - 10 70-90 1 hr 15 mins

We charge ready-mix-concrete by the cubic metre, based on quantity delivered, not ordered. Rates are quantity, mix and location sensitive, above table illustrates our charging method. Quantities of six cubic metres and upwards is where the rates are lowest.

Rates per cubic metre of ready-mix-concrete on ‘pours’ that exceed a full load will also be charged at our lowest rates, without surcharge - as long a part of the same job, in the same delivery slot. In other words, if you take a full load of ready-mix-concrete of approx ten cubic metres from one of our eight-wheel trucks and then require, say, another one cubic metre to finish the job, the additional quantity will be charged at a multiple of our lowest rate, and not by the higher rate for the small quantity.

If however you order a quantity of readymix for the same job, but on a different day, the rates will be subject to charging on the basis of the above schedule - but still the lowest rates in your area!

We can pour concrete at a rate of up to one cubic metre per minute, so you can see our time allowance for pouring your concrete is very generous. If the pouring time exceeds our allowance, we won’t rush off, but may have to make a small charge for the extra time.

Our eight wheel trucks carry approx ten cubic metres and six wheel trucks carry approx six cubic metres of concrete. Rates schedules are the same for each size truck; the six wheel truck should be requested for access on restricted sites.

Don’t forget, there is no limit on total quantity! We have a vast ready-mix-concrete fleet and can cope with any size job, call us whether you want one or several hundred cubic metres per day and we will give you a highly competitive rate.

Example only of our charging method, ring for our lowest rates!

Concrete Pump Hire Rate Schedule
Pump Size 22 Mtr Boom c/w extra 30 Mtr pipe
Rate £
Pump Rate - Minimum 5 Hour Shift 250-320
Pump Hourly Rate (after 5 hour shift) 50
Extra Pipe (per 3 mtr length) 10
Linesman - Minimum 5 Hour Shift 140
Linesman Hourly Rate (after 5 hour shift) 28

Concrete pumps are hired in a minimum 5 hour shift, at a set cost, if additional time is incurred the pump is hired out thereafter at an hourly rate. Each pump is hired complete with a fixed amount of extra pipe; if more is needed, this is charged by the length, at an additional rate per length, for the minimum hire duration. On occasions when additional pipes are requested, a linesman is sometimes required to carry and lay the pipes; this person is hired out in a similar and additional method to the pump, a shift rate for the minimum 5 hours and thereafter by the hour.

There is no limit on the quantity of concrete that we can pump, we will carry on pumping until you say stop! Bearing in mind the high speed that we can pump, most hires are completed within the 5 hour block.

Concrete pump hired-out under CPA condition.

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