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Tarmac & Surfacing Contractors in Surrey and Sussex

Tarmac and surfacing in Surrey and Sussex for over 20 years

Axtell offer a high quality and competitive surfacing service to home, trade, businesses and utility companies. Read about our company here.

  • Machine and Hand Lay

    We operate both hand lay surfacing and machine lay surfacing gangs.

    Machine lay tarmacadam surfacing provides the best quality and most durable tarmacadam finish and is the most economically viable option for large areas of tarmac surfacing.

    Hand lay surfacing can provide a high quality and durable surface and is the most economical and viable method of surfacing for smaller and more awkward areas.

  • Asphalt and Tarmacadam

    We can supply and lay a wide range of varied specifications of Asphalt and Tarmacadam, from hot roll asphalt, dense bituminous macadam through to the superior high wearing 'SMA' product.

    We will happily discuss your requirements and advise you on the most suitable product depending on your application.

  • Resurfacing

    We can undertake resurfacing to existing tarmacadam in which we will patch, clean and treat the surface, lay a new surface over the top, typically a 20 - 30mm layer, depending on the material being used and the application.

    Resurfacing can usually be undertaken if the existing tarmac surface is still reasonably solid and the newly achieved levels can be married to the surrounding levels whilst surface water drainage requirements can be fulfilled.

    Tarmacadam resurfacing can be undertaken in either a machine or hand lay process and can provide an extremely cost effective surfacing refurbishment option. Please call to arrange a free and no obligation appraisal.

  • Reinstatement

    We operate tarmacadam surfacing gangs to undertake reinstatement for applications such as trench reinstatement, footpaths and roads.

    We can quote by the job or by the square metre and, to any specification.

    Please note that if you are trench reinstating, we also supply foam concrete.

  • Paver Hire

    We can also offer a hire-only service of our tarmacadam pavers, with or without screw men. This is normally chargeable by the day. We can arrange haulage if you require.

  • Surface Dressing

    Hot tar surface dressing is a very cost-effective method of surfacing in which we can spray existing surfaces (normally tarmac) with a K170 bitumen emulsion, spread chippings on the top and power roll to bed-in. Chippings come in a variety of different colours of your choice.

    This type of surfacing is the same method as what is often used to surface main roads, thus proving its durability. We can also apply this process to roads, driveways and car parks.

  • Associated Groundworks

    Tarmacadam surfacing also needs a firm foundation. We operate a complete groundwork service from excavation, installing drainage systems, kerbing and sub base. This service can be undertaken in conjunction with or without any of our surfacing options.