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Ready Mix Concrete Mixes!

Long reach mixing with swivelling placing chute

Our ready-mix-concrete is all mixed on site using our unique mobile volumetric mixing trucks. The raw ingredients are loaded into the truck; these consist of sharp sand, 4 - 20mm stone, cement, water and various concrete enhancing additives.

The mixing process for all the mixes is by means of a high powered auger. The operative will select a mix from the range of mixes on the computer; the exact amount of material (+/- 2%) will then be fed to the mixing auger which will then commence mixing at a speed of up to 1 cubic metre of ready-mix-concrete per minute.

This high speed mixing system will pour concrete as fast as a drum mixer, but with the advantage that it can start mixing or stop mixing when you choose. You can also have any number of different mixes with one delivery!

It's all in the mix!

Axtell produce and sell a wide range of mixes as illustrated below. If you know the specific mix required, you can simply order one of the mixes below.

If you require any technical advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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