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Ready Mix Foam Concrete!

Foam concrete, low density - self leveling concrete

Axtell Foam Concrete is an extremely workable, low density material incorporating up to 50% entrained air. The foam concrete will generally self level, self compact, and can be pumped if required. The risk of shrinkage or settlement cracking is significantly lower than that of traditional concrete.

Axtell Foam Concrete and Mortar (C2 and C4) is ideal for filling voids such as:

  • Re-instatement of temporary opening in streets and highways
  • Protection of buried services
  • Filling of disused petrol, oil, effluent and water tanks
  • Unwanted voids such as pipelines and service ducts and shafts
  • Disused structures such as culverts, redundant sewers, cellars and basements

Axtell Roadfill foam concrete is an efficient and cost effective re-instatement material that complies with the Roads and Street Works Act 1991. Axtell Roadfill is available as FCR Classes C2 and C4. This material remains in a plastic workable state for 2 - 3 hours and can be surfaced (black top) at 24 hours (often less).

C2 and C4 foam concrete can be produced as either a Highly Air-entrained Mortar (HAM) which does not contain course aggregate, or Highly Air-entrained Concrete (HAC) which typically contains 4 - 20mm stone. The stable bubble structure is introduced into the mix by adding specially formulated air-entrained admixtures into the concrete during the mixing process. This typically produces an air entrained content of 30%.

The use of Axtell Roadfill foam concrete has significant benefits over traditional granular fill materials, such as:

  • Reduced manpower as minimal levelling and no compaction required, therefore no compaction equipment required
  • Negligible risk of call-back for subsidence
  • Favourable costs compared with traditional material
  • Less risk of damage to underground services
  • High compressive strengths that can withstand heavy loads combined with low rip/dig-out strengths so it can be easily excavated in the future
  • Fills small voids and spaces, including uppercut pockets
  • No stockpiling of granular-fill material in confined road closure area
  • Entirely surrounds and protects underground services
  • Long swivelling chutes for quick and easy placement
  • Fast output, mixed-on-site, only pay for what you lay the Axtell way!