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Ready Mix Concrete!

The cost effective solution in ready mix concrete

The pedigree of the traditional rotary drum mixer is well established: so are its drawbacks. Once loaded, it has a fixed amount of ready-mix-concrete to deliver within a fixed period of time before it sets. The ready-mix-concrete cannot be changed and, if you have over ordered, the ready-mix-concrete goes to waste - at your cost. If you have under-ordered the amount of concrete, the mixer must return to the batching plant for a part load which will add significant cost. This may not happen on the same day and you may incur an extra cost in part-load surcharges.

Concrete truck

We have the cost-effective solution with our comprehensive fleet of volumetric ready-mix-concrete trucks. Because dry ingredients are mixed on site, the ready-mix-concrete always arrives fresh - no longer than seven seconds old!

Our ready-mix-concrete trucks will also save you further cost as they can dispense ready-mix-concrete at rate of up to 1 cubic metre per minute via our extra-long 5.5 metre swivelling concrete chutes and, if they won't reach the job, we can pour the concrete in to wheelbarrows that we supply, dumper trucks or our ready-mix-concrete pumps.

Further cost will be saved because if you have over-ordered, the concrete mixer can be shut off without any wasted ready-mix-concrete, and if you need more - we just keep pouring concrete until you ask the driver to stop! The concrete mix and slump can be changed during the run to suit your precise specification, so if two different concrete mixes are required, there is no need to return to the batching plant.

In other words, we bring the batching plant to you so there is no part load cost, no waste, and you just pay the cost for the exact amount of ready-mix-concrete!