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Concrete Pump Hire

Concrete pump hire sequence of events

All pumps hired under CPA conditions. Please see Terms and Conditions below. If you need any assistance or clarification with these conditions, please call the office.

  • The hired concrete pump truck will arrive on site and the operator will liaise with the contractor prior to setting-up the pump and any necessary pipeline and associated grouting.
  • The ready-mix-concrete truck will back on to the concrete pump hire truck.
  • The concrete pump hire operator will then grout the pipe so that concrete pumping can proceed.
  • The boom of the concrete hire truck will be positioned so that it terminates in the required location; if possible the concrete will pour vertically from the end pipe. In situations where ground-line is used, the concreting team will need to move the pipeline around as the pour progresses.
  • Concrete pump hire trucks pump the concrete at high pressure. All personnel are made aware of the risks associated with end hose usage.
  • When each ready mix truck has poured its load of ready-mix-concrete into the hopper of the concrete pump hire truck, the chutes and mixing auger will need to be cleaned out. This must be done in a designated area and not into the hopper of the concrete pump hire truck.
  • In multiple load situations, the above process will need to be repeated for each ready-mix-concrete lorry.
  • On the completion of the concrete pour, the concrete pump hire truck operator will need to clean all of the concrete from the pump and pipeline. This procedure will take about one hour plus extra time when a long pipeline has been laid.
  • The concrete pump hire operator will retract the boom and load all ancillary equipment back on to the truck.
  • The hire sheet will be presented to the customer for approval and signature.
  • The concrete pump hire truck will depart site.
  • Concrete Pump Hire is subject to the Construction Plant Hire Association standard model conditions and supplementary pump hire conditions.