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Concrete Pumping Trucks

The quick and easy method of placing concrete

All pumps hired under CPA conditions. Please see Terms and Conditions below. If you need any assistance or clarification with these conditions, please call the office.

The easiest, most efficient and cost effective method of placing concrete is to hire a concrete pump. We offer a comprehensive concrete pump service operating a comprehensive size range of truck-mounted boom concrete pumps and line concrete pumps. Each concrete pump hire comes with a skilled and qualified concrete pump operator.

A concrete pump can place wet ready-mix-concrete in certain locations where other placement methods cannot reach such as over houses or large slabs that the chutes of the concrete trucks cannot reach.

What are concrete pumps?

The concrete pumps are truck mounted with sectional booms. The boom of the concrete pumps can be extended to reach over objects such as houses.

The concrete pumps also carry a quantity of pipes that can either be connected to the end of the boom so that the concrete pumps over an object. Alternatively, the pipes can be connected to the outlet at the base of the concrete pump with the pipes laid across ground.