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Scalpings - Loose, Tipped or Grab Off-Loaded!

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Scalpings come in various sizes, such as 40mm, 75mm and 100mm. Each of these sizes refers to the size they are screened too. EG: The holes in the big sieve! We supply 40mm Scalpings, which is by far the most common variation and the product often meant by simply the term “Scalpings”.

What exactly are Scalpings?

Scalpings are essentially the off-cuts of a quarry; quarry waste for want of better words. In fact 40% of an average limestone quarries production, results in scalpings. With advances in machinery, quarries are producing less and less scalping waste and any waste they did have is now being re-processed into products such as Type 1 Limestone, by washing down the Scalpings to remove the clay and derive a more valuable product.

When should I use Scalpings?

The main use of scalpings is as a medium quality fill or sub-base material used in the construction of access paths, car parks, driveways or other light-use applications where a Type 1 material is not available or financially viable. As there is no hard and fast specification laid down as to what qualifies as ‘scalpings’, almost any quarry waste or even road planing's can be and is passed off as scalpings.

We only work with the very finest of quarries ensuring our scalpings are off a quality consistent with what our customers would expect. However, for the small extra cost, we would always recommend our customers use a Type 1 material in place of scalpings where possible.

How much do I need ?

1 Ton of Scalpings will generally cover 1.75 cubic meters or 11.4 square meters at 50mm thick.