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Pea Shingle - Loose, Tipped or Grab Off-Loaded!

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Pea Shingle

Our range of Pea Shingles are a quarried crushed stone, which have been graded by screens to produce different sizes. This process consists of using different sized screens to allow the separation of the pea shingle, enabling us to offer a range of sizes. This classic shingle has a balance of both rounded and angular particles. Pea Shingle offers a low cost alternative to our decorative aggregate ranges for use on driveways and paths and are also often used for drainage and bedding purposes.

The standard range of sizes we offer are 10mm, 20mm, 40mm each suitable for a range of applications. 10mm Pea Shingle is most often used for decorative purposes, around flowerbeds, in pots, on Paths where it provides a comfortable walking surface. It can also be used on driveways although the smaller stones do tend to get stuck in tyres. The most commonly used size for driveways then is the 20mm size. Being much larger in size 40mm pea shingle is most often used as a sub base or on large roads that are not often walked on. This size along with the larger 40-75 mm "reject" shingle is most commonly used for drainage purposes.