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Building Sand

Sand is a naturally occurring granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles. Often called soft sand, building sand is characterised by its fine grains when compared to rougher sands such as sharp sands. Its uses include to mix with cement to make mortar for bricklaying, wall building and pointing of paving. The fineness of the sand used determines how smooth the resultant mix is, since neither lime or cement will add to the graininess of the product.

Our building sand is sourced from quarries where it is washed and dried for both cleanliness and better workability. This process of washing the sand removes a large percentage of the clay content making it less sticky and improving its overall durability over time.

The colour of building sand will depend on several factors, including the region it is sourced from and the clay content. These can range from light greys through to yellows and darker oranges. Our sand is dug from Runfold area, making it light orange in colour. When sourcing our sand we select on the basis of colour, fineness and workability. This allows us to offer our customers an excellent product, consistent in quality.